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Christmas Eve 2001: Photo by Edward McKuen. ©2001 Stanyan Entertainment Group

A Thought for Today

All life is imagery, but imagery is seldom life.




This recording of “Thank You For Christmas” is the original made for my 1970 album “New Ballads.” It was recorded Christmas week 32 years ago in 1969 at Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood.

New Ballads was arranged by Don Costa and Nick Perito conducted the orchestra. Sunny Burke and I did the production. I had worked with Don & Sunny earlier in the year on Frank Sinatra’s “A Man Alone” album.

New Ballads was released in January 1970 as Warner Bros. LP#1837. It is yet to be released on CD.

Five years later I rerecorded “Thank You For Christmas” for “New Carols of Christmas” but there is something about this first recording that makes it a personal favorite.


Thank You For Christmas

Thank You For Christmas
The first one I remember
That was more than just another day
Deep in December.
Back came the holidays
The ones I told goodbye
Until you paused a moment
And looked me in the eye.

And thank you for what I thought
I’d never find
Christmas of a kind
I’d conjured in my mind.

As for the lights of town
Like Christmas down the hill
Off beyond your nakedness
I can see them still.
I suppose that I knew even then
Christmas is for little boys
And not for grown up men

Still for a time in the year
That we’ve just passed
I wanted you to know
You gave me Christmas at last.

Words & Music by Rod McKuen © 1970 by Rod McKuen & Editions Chanson Music.


(A simple left-click on the above link should start the download automatically. If you're having problems, try right-clicking on the link and select "save target as....".)

I neglected to mention that yesterday’s download of “Bethlehem BC” was Eric Yeager’s suggestion. Eric, not incidentally, is responsible for converting and uploading all of our MP3’s.

Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep warm.

RM 12/29/01 12:55 AM

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The protection of nature is man’s only insurance policy.

Hate wastes everybody’s time.


When all the trees have been dismantled
the decorations of their leaves set by
birch to brown, maple to black
roots pulled up and tumbled in a pile
and when the sun has scurried
up from darkness and back to darkness
                           for the final time,
with every ocean gone
leaving only traces, a ring around its rim,
then I will love you more than now.

We will have gone beyond impossibles
                      with no restraining rein
and we will both come back again
to this same place.
I will love you better then and more.
I will have learned from loving
how to love.

- from "Suspension Bridge," 1984

© 1969, 1970, 1984, 2001 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
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