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Folio #49, 1985















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A Thought for Today

If truth exists, you have to seek it out... but be patient.


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As it grows closer to the time when I should leave (the beach), I start to wonder more and more about the business of traveling; I have passed through so many places, continents, without even the tourists postcard recollection. I lived in Paris off and on, but I couldn't name half a dozen restaurants I'd recommend. Good food is everywhere in France but while living and working there I seldom went adventuring beyond the neighborhood of St. Benoit. I ate out every night; when I found a good place it became a habit. The same was true in San Francisco. I've always loved the sound and feel of neighborhoods more than the aura of the city. I'd be the worst guide imaginable to my old hometown. I've always specialized in details, letting others get on with 'The Grand Design'. The way this new beach world has opened up for me, just a few miles from what's been home for so many years, I wonder why I went off to the far places at all.. This is a safe place. By safety I mean sensible, responsible to itself. There is no wasted motion by the sea, every wave is working, taking out, bringing in. Nothing is superfluous except what people bring down here and forget to take away. Junk, people droppings, is at a minimum, considering the canvas sea and seashore are played out on. Show me a city that works with such economy.

- from A Beach Diary. First published in Folio No. 49, spring, 1985.


Tomorrow, Sunday July 29, Rod joins Sally Kellerman, Bruce Vilanche and an all star cast in Santa Fe, NM in “Live at the Lensic.” For ticket information follow the link at the top of this page.

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Ambition is the talent that takes us to the top the fastest.

Citizens in mangers are no less citizens than those who live in mansions on the hill.

The Singing of the Wind / Eighteen

I stood watching
as you crossed the street
               for the last time.
Trying hard to memorize you.
Knowing it would be important.
The way you walked,
the way you looked back over you shoulder at me.

Years later
I would hear the singing of the wind
and the day's singing would come back.
That time of going would return to me
every sun-gray day.
April or August it would be the same
       for years to come.

Man has not made the kind of bromide
that would let me sleep without your memory
or written erotically enough
to erase the excitement of just your hands.

These long years later it is worse
for I remember what it was
as well as what it might have been.

 -from the book & album “Listen to the Warm,” 1967

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