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I'm in a hurry, I have no time to hate. But I have all the hours in the seasons left to me to give to love.


Dear Ken,

Would you be interested in publishing the words of a song that Rod printed in a book of his ballads?

The one I felt touched by was "i'm not afraid" (no capitals, and I believe that was Rod's style in the late '60's and early '70's as he sent me a Christmas card with his name in small letters).

The book is called, "New Ballads", printed in 1970.


Jane H.

Great choice, Jane - thank you.

I always remember Rod commenting some time ago how much he loved opening the second half of his concerts with this Brel collaboration. True to form, this is exactly what he did at Thousand Oaks and Aurora earlier this month.

One interesting point - both the book and the album were dedicated to the patron saint of dogs. I just wish I knew who this is - drop me a line if you know. 

If you have a favorite McKuen song or poem you'd like to share with us one Wednesday drop me a line at ken@mckuen.com and I'll do the rest.

I really liked John Frazar's suggestion yesterday that we implement a McKuen Mailing List - so let's do it! Signing up is pretty simple - just click on the link below for instructions.

The Rod McKuen Mailing List

                                    - Ken, Johannesburg, March 28

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Rod's random thoughts The business of Autumn is letting it lie where it falls. The business of man is picking up himself and every member of his family who falls or stumbles in the yellow leaves.

You cannot measure on a scale what love is worth, though one small gesture sometimes tallies the amount as surely as any seasoned teller could.

Enter into each relationship with trust. Do not be easily convinced that something you want badly enough or believe in will not work. Life works if you work at it.



One afternoon, I came to hear
you sing a soft song into my ear.
Who would have thought, quite by 
we might engage in the loving dance.
Coming together, coming apart
lost in diversions, dancing starts,
caught in the quiet, off on our own
coming together, staying alone.

Are you afraid ?

I'm not afraid.


What about you, what about me ?
Two years from now, where will we be ?
Each of us gone our separate ways
lost in the headlong passage of days.
Maybe we might give love a try
extending the minutes before goodbye
and for a gentle moment in time
we'll take what pleasure people can find.

Are you afraid ?

I'm not afraid.


What is for real, what is false ?
All of us seem to be caught in a waltz
turning around, turning again
when will the dancing ever end ?
As for us, you and me
our eyes are open, we can see
both of us know where we've been
why must we both go dancing again.

Are you afraid ?

I'm not afraid.


Come join the dancing,
   come join the waltz
don't look to closely at my faults
why can't I die here in your arms
safe from the night and safe
    from the dawn.
Back to the nothing that has no name!
Back to the nowhere from where I came
don't worry of me, I know where I am
where I'm going and where I've been
and I'm not afraid.

                                - from the album "New Ballads", 1970

1970, 1986, 2001 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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