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3 August, 1998













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A Thought for Today

All life is imagery, but imagery is seldom life.


ROD LIVE! Follow this link for Santa Fe ticket information.


Of all the things I ever thought I was I never figured I was special. The proof that I am everyman looks back at me from every man.. That means I am no less afraid around frayed edges than you who put my story down, closing the book, moving on to more important things: your own fears, compounded by the fears of all of us around you.

Now you know. You are not alone. That will not make things easier; it hasn't yet done so for me. It's a big stew, room enough for all of us. Draw some comfort from knowing we season it together.

- Adapted from an unpublished introduction to Intervals, 1984


Sunday afternoon, July 29th Rod joins Sally Kellerman, Bruce Vilanche and an all star cast in Santa Fe, NM in “Live at the Lensic.” For ticket information follow the link at the top of this page.

Rod McKuen concert and appearance details can be obtained via the link below.

Concert & Appearance Details

notable birthdays Hilaire Belloc o Thomas Campbell o Donald Crisp o Anton Dolin o Leo Durocher o Peggy Fleming o Bobbie Gentry o Elizabeth Hardwick o Homer (Homer & Jethro) o Norman Lear o Maureen McGovern o Julian McMahon o Alex Rodriguez o Tony Tanner o Betty Thomas o Jerry Van Dyke o Keenan Wynn
Rod's random thoughts Understanding friends are few. Many who pretend friendship lack a certain sadness that betrays the truth.

Life is made easier by the joining of hands.

You will not meet another man more impatient or closer to the starting gate than me. I hurry because the clock's two hands are ahead of me.


A New List of Necessities

A computer that will store for me
those things my mind is losing.
To have my cake and eat it too
while seemingly refusing.
To fall asleep and wake up
with gargoyles of my choosing.

-from “Watch For The Wind”, 1983

Body Surfing with the Jet Set 

My father’s uncle’s brother
married his cousin.
Twice he beat her up
and twice the police came
and twice they carried her away.
Does that make her
his cousin
twice removed ?

Surf’s up.

I keep a loaded pistol
just beneath my bed,
it’s nice to have a gun
that works
in case I lose my head.

Hang ten.

Perfume makes me sneeze
unless it’s tucked up
the wings of worker bees.

Beatrice, another friend,
still collects belt buckles.
She leaves her door
unlocked at night
in hopes she might one evening
be accosted by a proper cop
with muscles on his knuckles.

Wipe out.

- from the album “The Soft Sea”1971, & “Beyond The Boardwalk,” 1975 


The side show
has as many sides
as men of midnight
and it shows them all
as finally we learn
all freaks are friendly
for in each of them
we see each other’s faces.

The merry go round
goes on turning
and every face seems
just the same
except the smiles on children
fading when their quarters end
disappearing in the rain.

-from “Beyond The Boardwalk”, 1975

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Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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