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A Thought for Today

We can always use reminders on how to better treat each other.


Hi Ken,

Rod's song that does it for me has to be "Jean". Not only because it is my name, but also because I was a teacher for 35 years.

In the movie, "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie," she was a teacher who became too influential in her students' decisions about their futures -- often with disastrous results. This served as a red flag for me. We are often unaware of the influences we have on others.

Also, the song was nominated for an academy award, but lost to Burt Bachrach's "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" -- I haven't liked him since then!! Don't get me wrong -- Burt is good, but Rod is GREAT!!

Jean Clark

Great choice, Jean, thank you!

"Jean" appears on a number of albums including the Greatest Hits collection. As usual, I found the liner notes fascinating.


Iíve never made any cylinders or 78 RPM singles, but my first albums were recorded in glorious mono. I saw the salad days of 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 and 32 track tape and my work has been issued on reel to reel stereo, 4 track cartridges for cars - and even several different kinds of quadraphonic disc. This is a long way of saying that Iíve been recording for quite a while now, forty years - give or take a decade - and in that time had my fair share of hits, semi hits, also rans and downright flops.

In the main, this second album of purported hits is from a happy and busy period at Warner Brothers Records. In addition to the chart busters it has a couple of sides that made the charts but didnít make a buck and one or two that drove the people in places like Tonga and Timaru bananas while remaining estranged from the American hit parade.

For this digital edition Iíve included 2 tracks from my Decca days, Two Brothers and The Beat Generation ( if you made a record with Bob McFadden and Bill Haley & his Comets, wouldnít you include it?) Thereís a one shot for A&M with Herb Alpert, Hi Lonesome and Bring Her a Rose, my first RCA single.

The other two, new to this package, are The Time It Takes to Love You ( 1969 ) and Guess Iíd Rather Be in Colorado ( 1972 ) both released on Warner Brothers.

I love making records, even more than I like writing books or having sex. With not much of the latter two in evidence these days Iím in the studio a lot; cleaning up the old tracks and laying down some new ones. Ah, sublimation and making music - what lovely bed fellows.

R.M., April, 1996

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Look forward to hearing from you.

 - Ken, Johannesburg, September 26

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Rod's random thoughts To see the sunsets truest color we need only to look into a stranger's or a good friend's eye.

Some pages in my diary are blotted or unused. Those must have been the happiest times, for who can jot down happiness when it is happening.

All people have lessons they can give us, even in rejection.


Jean, Jean, the roses are red
and all the leaves have gone green
and the clouds are so low
you can touch them and so
come out to the meadow, Jean.

Jean, Jean, youíre young and alive
come out of your half-dreamed dream
and run, if you will
to the top of the hill
open your eyes, bonnie Jean.

Till the sheep in the valley come home Iíll wait
till the stars fall around me and find me alone
when the sun comes a-singiní
Iíll still be waitiní.

Jean, Jean, the roses are red
all the leaves have gone green
and the clouds are so low
you can touch them and so
come into my arms, bonnie Jean.

All the hills are ablaze
with the mornís yellow haze
come into my arms, bonnie Jean... Jean.

- from the CD "Rod McKuen's Greatest Hits Vol. 2", 1996

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