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3 August, 1998













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A Thought for Today

All of us are falling, but we seldom realize it until we land.



Of all the things I ever thought I was I never figured I was special.. The proof that I am everyman looks back at me from every man.. That means I am no less afraid around frayed edges than you who put my story down, closing the book, moving on to more important things: your own fears, compounded by the fears of all of us around you.

Now you know. You are not alone. That will not make things easier; it hasn't yet done so for me. It's a big stew, room enough for all of us. Draw some comfort from knowing we season it together.

- Adapted from an unpublished introduction to "Intervals", 1984

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Rod's random thoughts No more trust can be conveyed than an open mind can hear.

Good conversation is as rare as promises kept.

Old men were never young, older women always will be.


A crock of flowers 
on the desk, four days old
begin to die.
No incantations
murmured at their passing.

Left at the roadside
for the garbage man
they become prized
                   widows weeds,
as one old woman scratches
amid the faded
and still fading castaway
She finds three daisies
and a dahlia,
a double sprig of lemon leaves
to brighten for a few more days
an empty coffee can
that decorates a cluttered table.

Even as she walks from sight
she starts arranging
her new floral masterpiece
and passing past a garden
breaks a branch of lilac
to complete her scavenged

- from "Watch For The Wind", 1983

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