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A Thought for Today

Thank God for memory, it is the closest we can come to perfection.


Hi Ken,

I have a song that goes around in my head every March... I think it was from the "Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows" book and also from "The Lonely Things" album by Glenn Yarbrough.

"Happy Birthday to me 
I'm older you see.
And there are still some things I don't know
like why does it take
a birthday to make
you wonder how little you've grown."



Thanks for your contribution, Beth. I managed to track this song down on one of the "Grand Tour" albums and it appears in print in "The Songs of Rod McKuen".

You might find this hard to believe but it's sheer coincidence that your letter came up for publication today, just four days short of Rod's 68th birthday. I publish letters in the order in which they're received and yours just happened to be next in line. Your timing couldn't have been better!

So, somewhat early, a very Happy Birthday to the Brothers McKuen from all the readers of ASPTL. Edward celebrates on Friday and I know everyone will want to join me in thanking him for all the years of devotion he's shown to Rod and his career. He keeps a low profile, does our Edward, but that he and Rod have an unshakeable partnership is best illustrated by the dedication in ASPTL the book - "For Edward - always there".

Rod's turn arrives on Sunday and not only does he celebrate a birthday on that day but also an anniversary. This web site first saw the light of day on April 29, 1998 and I think it's fair to say Rod's life hasn't been the same since. Rod, thank you for giving so generously of yourself over the past three years. I can think of no other artist who devotes as much time and energy as you to communicating with fans and ensuring they have something new to read each and every day of the year. Thank you, my friend.

The great thing about you having birthdays so close together is that we get to party and toast you twice within three days and we'll be doing just that. Happy Birthday, guys!

 - Ken, Johannesburg, April 25

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Common sense sees the visible; imagination goes beyond.

Old friends are the best. They eliminate the need to dress in Sunday clothes.


Happy birthday to me
I’m older, you see
and there are still some things I don’t know.
Like where do you run
when you’ve run out of fun
and you’ve played every game that you know ?

‘Jacks’ and ‘Marbles’
and ‘Hide and Go Seek’
‘Run sheep run’ and the lot,
‘Hearts and Flowers’
by the hours
play then and what have you got ?

Happy birthday to me
I’m older you see
but there are still some things I don’t know.
Like why does it take
a birthday to make
you wonder how little you’ve grown.

                             - from "The Songs of Rod McKuen", 1969

© 1969, 1970, 1986, 2001 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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