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A Thought for Today

The gypsy has it right: Wander, leave off yesterday in favor of tomorrow.



While I've always enjoyed Rod's books of poetry I've long believed some of his best work was to be found in the Folios.

Sadly mine were destroyed in a fire some time back and I've missed them. Please publish anything from this wonderful collection of his work.

Anthony Hammond

The only difficult thing about your request, Anthony, is choosing which one to publish! In the end I settled on the very first poem published in the very first Folio way back in 1974.

They are a wonderful collection of his work, aren't they? My collection is one of my most cherished possessions and I seem to remember reading somewhere that a few leather bound editions of the collection were produced. Now that would be something any serious collector would love to get their hands on!

Thanks for the letter, Anthony.

As usual, the address for your contributions is and I hope to hear from you soon.

 - Ken, Johannesburg, October 24

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"Tap Your Troubles Away" - the music of Jerry Herman

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Rod's random thoughts Their remoteness makes the stars much sweeter.

A kiss can heal a wound but not a fracture.

Hatch a dream and then believe it.


What goes on unseen
untold to us
    by one the other
is more real
than all the sentences
our senses spoke
    and speak.

I see your face and know
a tilting of your shoulder
speaks whole paragraphs aloud,
whole stories filled with proof
that what is happening
is if anything a willful lie
both of us indulge in.

This much is fact.
You do not amaze me
with your dark indifference.
You never once astound me
by being only what
I wish you to be.

I await the crumbs
    just now
delighted that they come
from bread lifted out of ovens
by some hidden master baker.

the whole thing
would be beautiful.
All pretense
not pretended anymore.

But you are here sometimes
that is enough for you
and by necessity
must be enough for me.

Keep sleeping
stay silent hours more.
    You’re here
these kind of moments are enough.

                                - from Folio No.1, Spring 1974

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