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A Thought for Today

I'd rather be a poet read than one who postures for posterity.


A poet's agent writes and says his client would like an interview with me, a conversation he could turn into a book. Naturally, he says, because his client would be doing nearly all the work, he should have the lions share of remuneration. And what royalties, if any, such a dialogue would bring..

Further, he informs me, a welfare check is that good poet's sole subsistence. (I assume from this that he is totally familiar with the press accounts of my bank account. Indeed they seem to know much more about my earnings than my publishers and bankers let on in conscience and confidence to me.)

I'm content to be a lamb. I am. Still I can't help wondering who decided, Webster, Britannica, Roberts Rules of Order, Pulitzer, or some ten percenter unknown now and ever more to me, why he feels the man who asks the questions has a harder job of it than the one who's asked to come up with the answers.

                                    - from Folio No. 4, Winter 1974

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Rod's random thoughts We are not born to sorrow; we invent it.

The body at its widest in the coupling is no wider than the brain that drives it.

Lack of love and loving spoils the purest heart.


Come midnights one and all
come, afternoons as well
and all you evenings too.
I am ready, raring, recharged
and certainly unafraid.
If there are still too many midnights
that means for sure there are enough.

Why does it take so long
to learn life's most important lesson,
how to look at things
in more than just a single way.

                                - from "Too Many Midnights", 1981

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Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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