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A Thought for Today

Because pride seldom lets us beg forgiveness, we must content ourselves with dying a little each time a door is closed.


To begin with every page is blank, until a smudge, a paragraph is set down upon it. Some pages still stay blank after the most intricate, indelible story has been started.

The starting of a new story is always easy; it's the ending that comes hard. Knowing when to draw conclusions, the point to let your characters stop leading you so that you can take command. When is the sum enough to provide the summing up?

I do not know how death will come to me, though once I thought I did. How I will greet it depends on how hard or easy it comes in. I am very sure that any pain that might accompany my going could not be as bad or worse than some I've known within my life. I am resolved that, if I can, I will view the end as the writer does the blank page just in front of him. A beginning.

                                              - from "Alone", 1975  

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Rod's random thoughts Every generation gap should have some kind of bridge even if its only made of love.

The leanest naked body is the work of God and therefore a love object.

Marriage renders a man unique, virtuous and wise so does thirty years in a monastery.


Those of us who sleep alone
are like abandoned boats-
we become accustomed
to lack of ownership
We believe our chosen paths
are only where the sea drift takes us.

I have come back
to where the cedar hills
wear darkness like a stocking cap,
where morning comes the way
             the fish hawk comes
quickly and on silent wings-
not because I had to or so wished
but because I found myself
moving in this sure direction.

I am still here looking for you.
There are no days
when I do not seek you out,
no hours anymore when you are not
when I am not sure beyond imagining
that I will meet you in the hills
           or on the street.
I never do.
But I still go and come
to places we shared first together.
I always travel alleyways we knew;
these journeys need no compass
          and no chart.
They have been tracked before
and I will go on tracking them
alone if need be.

                               - from "The Sound of Solitude", 1983

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