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A Thought for Today

If you cannot imagine love without possession, try imagining life without freedom.


Most of us, not just those living in America, have so much to be thankful for this year. Yes, we are at war again but it is a just war that we will win even though the enemy is everywhere. Everywhere too there are people of compassion and good will and they will always outnumber the few who wish the world ill. They are our refuge and we must join them.

There are too many places in the world where hunger and poverty prevail and so on this day of simple and great bounties for some we must keep in our thoughts those who are without. And each of us should try a little harder in the coming years to offer hope to the hopeless, care and kindness to those lost and uncared for and stronger love for our friends and families.

Optimism works. I know, Iíve tried it and abide by it because Iíve been on the opposite end of it before. I know that negativity drags all of us down.



We offer prayers for the many who are without the love, friendship and closeness of those they lost this year to murder, violence, accident, illness and age. And we pray for the heroes both real and in our hearts. We thank God or whomever we believe in for the strength to go on in the face of personal and National loss.

We give thanks for the women and men in harms way protecting us; at home, overseas, in our airports, at our borders and under our bridges.

We add a prayer and mention for the women of Afghanistan who have been oppressed and we promise to raise our voices on their behalf and on behalf of women and children everywhere who are treated in a substandard way.

Most of all we do give thanks. To God and country, friends and family and to those who have gone before us and will come afterward to ensure a decent way of life for more and more of us.

And we say no amenís because the prayers and hope will continue.

RM 11/21/2001


To those who cannot pray. To those who cannot walk upon the ground. To those who cannot see and those who cannot hear the world around them. To those who cannot speak. To those in misery and discomfort. To those poor of means or poor of spirit to those who feel oppressed or put upon. To those who have not yet found a God or someone they can pray to or someone with whom to pray.

Oh lord, for these our sisters and our brothers who do not pray and will not pray, we ask that you provide enough wisdom and compassion in all of us to pray for them . . . and for ourselves that we find better ways of caring for and helping one another..

- RM 11/21/98. Adapted from "A Prayer For Our Special Brothers & Sisters" from "An Outstretched Hand.", 1980

How could this day pass without my thanks to all of you who consider this little spot on The Net a safe stopping place. Thanks and Iíll be here for you as long as I can be.

If youíre traveling over this weekend be careful. Sleep warm.

RM 11/21/01 Previously unpublished

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Thanksgiving Day (USA)

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Rod's random thoughts Praise God for giving us each other and the means to make our little lives something. For Him and for each other.

-1970 Calendar

Good Morning God and Thank You.

Without a list of what life owes us, what comes is greeted with appreciation and thanks.


I appreciate your time
and your indulgence, God,
because I give so little of my time to you.
I thank you for an unstubbed toe this month
and leaving me with no more bruises
        on a tired and battered heart
than those I started out with.

Sometimes tied up in traffic
Iím grateful for commercials on the radio
that take me from the just announced war dead
and carry me back home to other murders
(those of animals and men
       whoíve not yet has a chance
              at aping angels.)
Itís then I wonder where my God is lurking
that savior of senior citizens and seals.

The traffic breaks.
The news is over to the tune of Mendelssohn.
Only then do I remember that youíre not my uncle
        just my God.
I thank you for your kind indulgence
              and your time.

-from ďIf You Love Somebody, Tell Them" / 1970 Calendar, 1969

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