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A Thought for Today

Hardware in life is unavoidable but it's the softer stuff of life that makes the difference.


Here's another poem from the Book & CD Set "A Safe Place to Land." Tomorrow Ken will be here with his weekly feature "This One Does it for Me". Sleep warm. 

                                                    RM 02/20/01

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Rod's random thoughts Brotherhood, like love, demands getting outside yourself.

The poem is in the skin; it is a blemish that will not rub out.

Greatness lies within the individual, not within his comprehension of it.


What is more lovely than love
and the moon on a beautiful night?
Music perhaps and maybe art-
but art cannot skate with us,
arm in arm and side against side,
and music has yet to suck up
our breath until nothing's left
and leave us for dead, but alive.

When the clouds begin to sweat
I hope the rain is ever good to you.

When stars start reciting poems
we'll know that art is wonderful.
As soon as we are able 
to spin texts from air 
                     and texture,
who will doubt that two beats
are good as pulse beats, worthy
of mentioning in wills and writs.

Until love comes and finds you out
my wish for you is still 
                       a life good as getting.

In a little while it will be morning-
new architecture for your old ideas.
Some spiders have been marching
over the ceiling, thrilling the cats
and carving a gutter in the dust.
Are there words you have not said,
are holding back until the final night?
Spit them out syllable by syllable.

Others crave you spring enough, as do I.
Semesters on your own terms.
And I entreat the moon 
to be as good for you
as it has been to you and me.

Who knows how many dreams
           die out of season,
reaching for some added darkness
or twisting upward where the sunlight
sits on haunches in the tops of trees.

There are no ordinary dreams.
Every nightmare is extraordinary;
and compared to bodies, every body,
the dream is truly plain.
                The nightmare nothing.

I am of course
excepting my own body,
which needs a little work.
No mirror told me that.
Not seeing my reflection 
in another's body
                 was looking glass enough.

While glancing down
above a dream sometimes
I do see my old self rolling in another's arms.
                And, oh, the sight is dazzling.

First Publication -from "A Safe Place to Land," 2001
1968, 1974, 2001 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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