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A Thought for Today

Go ahead and burn your bridges but plan an alternate route home first.


Good morning. I usually devote the weekend to answering letters for todayís Flight Plan or running to catch up and get a bit ahead of the week upcoming. I spent Saturday and yesterday in the studio and Iím off for more recording today.

I hope your week starts off well and Iíve left behind some thoughts to cheer you and a couple of poems to send you on your way.

RM 11/18/2001

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Rod's random thoughts Peace is a wind as evergreen as everyone would have it.

Art breeds art. Invention breeds invention. Love breeds love.

Science should not cheat imagination, but further it.


Toward a Better Breed of Freaks

Running with the pack
is not so easy
as one might suppose.
It takes a special kind of guts
to listen to the same old noise
day after day... even if
the peace at nightís rewarding.
Going it alone has hazards too,
but you meet a better breed of freaks.

-from ďIf You love Somebody, Tell Them/1970 Calendar,Ē 1969

A Patch of Sky, Away From Everything

You move through the house
sweeping down the bedroom
              with your eyes
like sun on Sunday
        but more like you.

Shall I cover you with lilacs when you die ?
Do that for me if I go first.
Smell me up the old world
        as you pass my grave.

I talk of dying because then Iíd be sure
not to see your eyes darting in the street
going from face to face
        seeking my replacement.

Here at home Iím safe
no talk of dying now
I live beneath the furrow of your brow
and think myself immortal.

Stake me out a patch of sky
some no one has ever seen
weíll go there and live
away from everyone
        and everything.

-from the album ďThe Sky,Ē 1969

Election / For Sister Mark Sandy

I used to wonder why
God only came to visit me on Sunday.
He must have been as bored with me
             as I with him.
One hour once a week was once enough.

Godís really hurt nobody but the poor
and still they go on voting every year.
                       An echo not a choice.

Iíll deal with death when it comes knocking,
        the same is true of God.

Even I donít practice what I preach.
If I believed there was no God
Iíd have to face the possibility of no me.

-from "In Someoneís Shadow", 1969

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Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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