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18 July, 1998













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A Thought for Today

The greatest favor you can give to truth is to use it as often as possible.



Rod has officially started his summer "break" though to me it sounds as though he'll be working as hard as ever over the next six weeks. I know all of you will join me in wishing him all the best for his mini tour which kicks off with the Riverton concert this coming Saturday.

Speaking of Riverton Linda Becker, wonderful lady that she is, has kindly offered to make computer facilities available to those who'd like to contribute to this site by filing an eye-witness account of Rod's concert on Saturday. There's no Internet Cafe in Riverton so I guess it would have been difficult for visitors to drop me a line after the show giving me their impressions of the event.

Thankfully Linda has solved the problem by generously agreeing to make two computers in her office available to those who'd like to help out. The address for your contributions is, as usual, ken@mckuen.com and I look forward to hearing from some of those lucky enough to attend what promises to be a spectacular weekend.

- Ken, Johannesburg, July 17


When the old memories you call back to help you do the things that will put you to sleep don't work anymore, and even the aphrodisiac of magazines doesn't help, and there is no place to go and no one to call, try thinking about the sun. The way it catches in the trees sometimes, the way it follows you while riding in a car, the way it plays in the hair of strangers on the beach, the way it runs behind the rudder of a boat, the way it climbs hills in the morning.

Think about the time of noon, when everybody's just a little crazy. Remember that the cliffs are white and steep.. You'll grow tired climbing them, so - go slow. The sun is years away from going down and we've got time to watch it every mile. There won't be any moon tonight and this is the time of noon.

- from "The Sea", 1967


Friday July 20 Frank Sinatra Jr & The Wood Herman Orchestra will be in Molde, Norway for a 6:PM concert at Idrettens Hus.

Rod McKuen concert and appearance details can be obtained via the link below.

Concert & Appearance Details

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Rod's random thoughts One can love and love honestly without expecting a return on the investment.

Nothing is more beautiful than work completed.

The lowest order is lack of order.


It is not just for our own good pleasure
that we come to love each other,
discovering the differences
divining the sameness that finally tell us
what we truly are: selfish in our needs
yet willing to give everything
so that we might please our God
               not just each other.

For the desperate God is not the father
but the waiting arms of love.
Love, as simple as we see it
on the outside, as complicated 
as it soon becomes at closer quarters.

I believe no animal or man,
nothing that depends on contact
within the universe we know
beds down with another of it's kind
          in the absence of love.

Some thing not always something
has to swell the heart
to make things work.

Who among us has come away from love
with nothing but a self-reward?
What is left behind,
what sticks and stays
           as we move on
is the part of us that's best.
If we ever wish to see
the best side of ourselves
the side unselfish, unafraid,
then we must learn to love.

- from "The Beautiful Strangers", 1981

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Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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