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A Thought for Today

Love will provide the armor and the shield against all the troubles life can set before us.


Rod’s been in the studio most of the day but he left behind another ‘love letter unsent’ which is printed below.


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Rod's random thoughts Happiness costs pennies a day, sorrow millions.

Strength is not the fortress, but the bricks that build it.

Love is the only collateral for love.


Dear You,

How does your day go? Where are you, how are you, is everything all right? The questions pile up like a cord of wood as I try to account for every hour of your days away from me. Not jealousy but curiosity and thoughts for your well being drive the day for me. My arms have now grown long enough to reach you wherever you are and they do. But it is the minutes that need accounting.

Did you remember to take breakfast and what did you have? Yes I do other things than think of you. My work gets done. Life moves along and there are times – a few minutes every day – when I forget about you. Well, maybe less than a few.

Yesterday in the garden I found myself staring at nothing, but surely you were there, looking back at me from a line of ferns that separated sun from shadow. As you smiled I moved toward you and the slow embrace ensuing was like –. Is it enough to say that when you kissed and pulled me to you, your hands in my back pockets did all the work that arms and other body parts were meant and made to do. Our eyes did not lock as usual I looked into them and past them and deeper into something far beyond, before they volunteered to close as your lips cruised my eyelids and held them shut.

A pair of dragonflies mating in the air stumbled into us and broke the reverie. Ah, handsome, lucky gliders, so deep into each other in their loving deed they fly on auto-pilot. I’m flying, sailing too. I kiss your neck and breasts without unbuttoning your shirt. Hard nipples under little bites grow harder. Everything was swelling everywhere, as was the day.

We fell back on the grass as I remember it, practicing new embraces until all around us was but shadow. I love you. I’m sorry if it has been too long since I last told you so.

Goodnight, My Love, even before it becomes night. You will sleep warm and well because you are next to me and we are taking care of one another.


RM June 8th, 2001 1:40 PM First Publication 6/16/2001

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