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A Thought for Today

When I think about the distance to doubt, I find it's too far to go.


Rod is in the studio today.

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Take a book to lunch.

If you keep the heart alive a little longer, love will come.


Dawn is the decider.
Not just of night and morning,
light that pushes darkness
from horizon to horizon
or even the ending of night
in favor of the day.
It is the separator of dreams.
The creeper, like a vine,
that crawls through cracks
and gaping holes
where emptiness
has long been stronghold.
It will not be crowded out
in favor of reality.
If forces us to think
commands us back into
               whatever world
we tried escaping by embracing

Dreams do not die easily
or double up and fall
from off the night’s edge,
knowing they will be lit up
               for all to see
with each expected sunrise
or shafts of light through shutters
that surprises each of us
and takes us drifting through each day
toward a world that we remain
unprepared for or unmindful of -
dreams stay on.
The perch just out of reach.

Dividers only separate what is already
we cannot multiply, subtract or add
unless some substance sits in waiting.

And dawn has never knowingly,
mindlessly or with a touch of malice
slain the daydream,
still controlled by each of us
and subject only to the living out
or lost by ill attention, laziness
        or what we term forgetting.
In truth we do give up
on some of our most cherished dreams.
Ah, but never in the night.

- from Folio No.36, 1988

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