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Rod in action at The Riverton Rendezvous, July 2001. 
Photograph courtesy Jay Hagan.

A Thought for Today

Few angels have been known to sing but many purr when stroked just so.


Rod is on the road for a couple of weeks and will be back with you at the beginning of September.


Dear Rod, I know you've heard it a million times....how much your work has meant to...or influenced...or changed the life of...this person. I know you must be a regular guy (not the person I have conjured up in my mind...walking around, grace in every step, all soulful and wise and thinking of nothing but deep thoughts and lines of poetry) and most of us out here are regular guys and gals who deeply connect with your writings and songs.

So here is the question....what do you do, think and ponder as a "regular " person ? What is your real day like ? Brad


Hi Rod, What is a typical Rod McKuen day like. Sylvia, NYC

Dear Brad and Sylvia, Like nearly everybody else I don't really have any typical days. Most though, are pretty boring like today for instance. Up at 5:30, slap cold water on my face, feed the cats, change into sweats, watch live telecast of Oscar Nominations & then jog for 15 miles.

Back home. Shower and shave. Read E-mail over coffee & grapefruit juice. By 7:30 am busy correcting pages I wrote for the new book yesterday. 8:AM Madame Audrey arrives for my piano lesson. 9AM exercise in the pool for half hour. About 9:30 secretary of 20 years, Winifred, arrives & I dictate and answer mail while taking calls. 11: AM work on Flight Plan & answer E-mail.

A very light lunch. Salad and an apple. At around a quarter to 1, I retreat to my office, unplug the phone and write until three. Work on songs until a tea break around 4:PM. Break includes an hour play time with the cats. A short walk in the garden.

5 to 6 watch the evening news which was taped via satellite an hour ago. 6:30ish get in the car and fight the traffic to the supermarket where I shop for the evening meal (if I'm cooking at home.) By 7:30 I've finished sending the flight plan to Ken for posting and am having a martini..

Then into the kitchen. (tonight I'm making Trout Connery with a light Chicken Bob sauce.) Scrub the new potatoes, baste them with olive oil and herbs. Refill martini glass, snap off ends and wash the string beans.

Making a Grande Marnier lemon soufflé for desert. Measure out ingredients into individual containers and separate eggs. Time to go upstairs for a bath and to dress for dinner. Draw the bath, put on a Bach CD and read a chapter of new Presley bio in the tub.

Back downstairs, gut the trout and open the wine for poaching.. door bell rings (she's 15 minutes early). I open the door, it's Cindy Crawford looking as delicious as ever. I leave you to guess the rest.

Tomorrow, of course, will just be another day like today, except that Vanessa Williams and Calista Flockhart are cooking..

And if you believe that . . .

RM 2/9/99 First published. 2/10/99

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Rod's random thoughts Lack of love and loving spoils the purest heart.

Each of us is his own architect.

Conclusions are illusions made a little softer.


You can point out mold
                         to some,
bring old diggings
and old bones into a conversation
or show them black garbed women
who only live to dress the saints,
and they will still believe
that death will never touch them.

These people are protected
by a kind of faith
religion or the mystic
                      cannot follow.
Not just fear but fantasy
is their imaginations icon.
It is this little band
                  of self believers
who do great damage, cause distress
and puncture others lives.

Alas, there are no strangers
and no strange places
                            left to see.
Even Eden has been settled.
And Lazarus could not afford
the real estate to rise from.
The phoenix coming up
from ancient ash and embers
would have to grope his way
through layers of decaying birds.

Hush, hush, don’t fret
but be prepared
to go this time and stay.

- from "Valentines," 1986

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Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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