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A Thought for Today

Once I thought dreams were exceptions, not the rule. But that isn't so - they are so plentiful that they ride by on air. You've only to reach out and snatch one from the mist, or from nowhere.


To write about you isn't easy. Compare it to a blind that on its spring flaps up to smash the window casing. To praise or talk about you would do more injury than compliment.

Within my own heart's head, I remember sun in California, mid-Manhattan corridors and hotel beds, a Sunday walk within Miami's mall. Island nights of fireflies and lightning.

Some pages in my diary are blotted or unused. Those must have been the happiest of times, for who can jot down happiness when it is happening? Bad times? Sure.

Still in this year together I have never once considered life or lifetime to be anything but synonymous with you.

                              - from "Coming Close To The Earth", 1977

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Rod's random thoughts We travel such a distance to stand still.

Liking everything leaves little time for liking anything well.

Follow love and you need no other leader.


As fragile as a teacup
in the wrong hands,
As empty as the nests
                 that birds vacate
just before the winter months
As silent as an enemy
with worked out plans
As difficult as detail is
to those who charge ahead
without instructions or a may.
So learning how to love again
                       must be to those
who leave off loving
after having scaled love's mountain
a time or two before.

I am a willing pupil
ready to again take up
the lesson book or attend
                        the master class.
Any day when I'm not learning
even if it's called re-education
           I consider lost.
I ask only patience
the kind the first grade teacher
offers her most backward child
that initial month,
before demands aggressive children
learn to make out of ego
                          and necessity.

Be as careful with me
as you are when rounding corners
                    new to you.
I'll cram, I'll study and I'll work
to merit this time spent with you
This new chance at reeducation.

I relearn quickly when I trust.

                                - from Folio No. 35, Spring 1982

1970, 1977, 1982, 1986, 2001 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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