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Praying never hurt anybody, but wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time doing it for someone other than ourselves?


Hi Ken,

I know you don't want the question again about when The E, S, and S will be available again, so I won't ask. I was able to get Sea and Sky some time ago on CD but never found The Earth. Why? Was it not as popular? I can't imagine why, Rod's interpretation of his own work is so moving and sensual.

BUT, I just have to say that The Earth has been my favorite Rod album forever, I truly wore out my first vinyl copy and was able to replace it from your site. I've memorized several pieces from that album just by listening over and over. My very favorite is "Sunday," could you share it with the rest of the readers?

Bless you all. 

Leonore Proctor

Thanks, Leonore, lovely choice.

I asked your question of Jay Hagan before he left for Aurora and he assures me the only McKuen/Kerr work which found it's way onto CD was "The Sea".  Anything else appearing in this format is probably one of the dreaded pirated versions.

Warner Bros. had the final say as to which of the works were released on CD so we're stuck with their decision. Rod is on record as saying he and Anita are looking at ways of issuing more of their past work on CD so I wouldn't be surprised to read more of this in the near future.

Many thanks for your contribution, Leonore.

I'm sure you'll all be delighted to hear that Rod will be back with you tomorrow. Before I sign off, my friend and yours, Sherilyn Bottoms from Atlanta, undergoes spinal surgery today and will be away from the web site for some time while she recovers. Sheri, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

If you have a favorite McKuen song or poem you'd like to share with us, drop me a line at ken@mckuen.com and I'll do the rest.

                                      - Ken, Johannesburg, March 14

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The quest is not to seek out God, for He is everywhere. Rather, it is to learn more about Him. In so doing, we expand our capabilities and increase our knowledge of ourselves. Accepting God, then, is finally coming to accept ourselves.

Without the cold for reference, we wouldn’t recognize the comfort of warmth.



It's hard to believe it can be so quiet
after such a noisy Saturday night.

There were so many words I wanted to use last night
words I'm afraid of
like tomorrow, and together and love.

If I say I love you
I want it to mean more than I love peanut butter
or James Bond movies.

I want it to mean I'm letting go 
for always
that I won't turn back.

I've never used the word before.
I've been afraid.
Once you say you love somebody
you can't take it back.

But let's not talk about love.
Let's talk about dogs or Summer time.
We can read the funny papers out loud.
or go to the zoo
or just stay here like we are.

Come out along the trees with me.

You never knew my middle name.
I haven't told you that.

Do you know that I can stand on my hands ?

There's probably a mole somewhere down your back
that escaped my eyes in darkness.
We need to know it all
everything that brought us to each others eyes
and why.

All those mysteries we've saved for no one
we can give to one another.

Where did the night go ?
Already it's Sunday.

I love you.  

                                - from the album "The Earth", 1967

© 1970, 1986, 2001 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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