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With God in our pockets and love in our arms, we needn't be afraid of poverty or blindness.


OK, relax, it's Tuesday not Wednesday! Rod and I have just swapped days so that he can be with you for Valentines Day tomorrow.


I loved the poem and song on one of Rod and Anita Kerr's albums called "Clouds". It started, "Clouds are not the cheeks of angels, you know, they're only clouds, friendly sometimes, but you can never be sure."

There also was another that I cannot remember the name of but it said "Gather up some wind for me, save it in a jar so that I might take it out and smell it when I'm in stale rooms or unfriendly places". Maybe it was called "Buy For Me The Wind". I would love to see both of those again.

Kathy Ritter.

Great choice, Kathy, it's been awhile since we last featured "Eight" in this column and to the best of my knowledge this is the very first appearance of "Buy For Me The Wind".

"Eight", or "Pushing the Clouds Away", is also featured here especially for Alice who wrote to point out (in the nicest possible way) the inconsistencies in my grammar and punctuation. Thank you, Alice, I'll try to be more careful in future!

Buy for Me the Wind

Buy for me the wind
put it in a jar
so I might take it out and smell it
when I'm in stale rooms
            or unfriendly places.

Gather up some sun for me
save it in a little box
so that there will never again be dark rooms
unless I want them so.

Wind spring green around your thumb
so that in the winter time
I have but to hold your hand
to feel the summer and the sunshine.

I have given you what I have
all I have
some love, these rooms,
webs of sunlight through the windows.
In return, buy for me the wind.

                                  -from the album "The Sky" 1967

Keep those letters coming!
The address is ken@mckuen.com if you have a favorite song or poem you'd like to tell us about. Hope to hear from you soon.

                                    - Ken, Johannesburg, February 13

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Rod's random thoughts If you haven't heard the sunset, you haven't been listening.

Learn the song by heart before you sing it.

When you think you're on a roll, make sure it isn't downhill.


Clouds are not the cheeks of angels, you know
they're only clouds.
                  Friendly sometimes, 
but you can never be sure.
If I had longer arms 
I'd push the clouds away
or make them hang above the water somewhere else
but I'm just a man 
         who needs and wants,
mostly things he'll never have.
Looking for that thing that's hardest to find - 

I've been going a long time now
and along the way I've learned some things.
                 You have to make the good times yourself,
take the little times and make them into big times
and save the times that are all right
            for the ones that aren't so good.

I've never been able 
       to push the clouds away by myself.
                      Help me. 


                                 - from "Listen to the Warm", 1967

1967, 1970, 1986, 2001 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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