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17 July 1998













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A Thought for Today

Virtue is hard, vice is easy. Somewhere between isn't good enough.



I am a squatter. The familiar seems to offer more contentment than the not tried out. This from a long time wanderer who spent his early life rootless, spread about the landscape of the country, not collected or being collected. Having no true home I became adept at conjuring, carrying what I wanted or supposed was home from place to place. Inside of me a knapsack, a bedroll on the outside. When was it I grew up or changed and began to build a nest? If the first half of life is spent acquiring possessions, the second getting rid of them, I started on both journeys late. I am letting go of nothing. In my head and in my heart I am building a barn. Big, maybe painted red, maybe not, but big... large enough to hold my lifetime. I don't want to shed anything or assign even one of those big boxes of what would be junk to anybody else but me, to a dumpster or a landfill. I'll build it. I will.. It's the last big dream [until the next one] and I'll make it happen. A barn. Imagine. Three stories high with shelves from floor to ceiling to store all my music stuff, my memories stuff, my Macs, my maybes and my maybe nots. A loft to sleep in if I want to, a bridge from the house for the cats to come and go [they'll never leave it, nor will I]. I'll dial the world from my Mac, won't need many groceries if the bar's well stocked. A dream? Why not? I'm not asking for a castle, only a barn.

from a journal, first published in Flight Plan 1998.

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Rod's random thoughts It's the people in our heads that move us forward.

Get close enough to learn but lean as little as you can, except to have a closer listen.

Putting it all together beats taking it all apart.


The difference between 
descent and decay
is one has a chance
            of returning.

The obvious over-
looks the next fire
in favor of ones
             now burning..
The pessimist knows 
very little at all,
only I'm tired
              of learning.

The lover remembers
the good times only
except when recalling
                 the bad.

The dreamer extends
he darkness the privilege
of watching his soul
                  go mad.

The lover forgets
what he didn't have
but never the things 
            he had.

- from "Valentines", 1986

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