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       OF WINDS

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A Thought for Today

Each of us is his own architect.


Love is seldom carried by the wind - and life, less so. What the wind is best at is rearranging seasons, cycles, weather coming, weather already here. Though wind can be a part of weather and its make-up, it is always more. As the sun is not merely the chief property of a sunny or sunless day, but stays with us always - seen or unseen - so too the wind remains.

Few winds are cosmic, truly large enough to change each life for ill or good, capriciously or to suit a special need to themselves. Even flags, windchimes and windmills could attest to that. Most winds, unless they tie up with a hurricane or travel with tornadoes, are personal by nature. As rain is nearly always regional, winds most often have their starting place just out of sight. . . , around the corner, down the block.

                                - from "Watch For The Wind", 1983

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Rod's random thoughts Lack of love and loving spoils the purest heart.

Conclusions are illusions made a little softer.

Let go of memories, build on dreams.


I stood watching
As you crossed the street
               For the last time.
trying hard to memorize you.
Knowing it would be important
the way you walked
the way you looked back over your shoulder at me.

Years later
I would hear the singing of the wind
and that day's singing would come back.
That time of going would return to me
every sun gray day.
April or August it would be the same
          for years to come.

No man has made the kind of bromide
that would let me sleep without your memory
or written erotically enough
to erase the excitement of just your hands.

These long years later it is worse
for I know what it was
as well as what it might have been.

                                - from "Listen To The Warm", 1967

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