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A Thought for Today

Those willing to listen to us will always inspire us.


Today Rod is busy rehearsing for Saturday night’s production of Jerry Herman’s “Tap Your Troubles Away. “

Details of Rod's next appearance can be obtained by following the link below.

"Tap Your Troubles Away" - the music of Jerry Herman

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Rod's random thoughts Science should not cheat imagination, but further it.

Do not be afraid because things happen quickly. Who said we have to take our time.

Each of us is earthbound, coming from the stars or wading to the shore. Sailing out, we must sail back - even if the voyage stops upon the ocean's bottom or beyond the universe.

-from "Coming Close to the Earth", 1977


Wood Smoke

The geese above the pond
already call out winter
and wood smoke comes
from all the houses
in the town.

We’ll move together then
and share the year’s last
swallowing the rain like brandy.

- “If You Love Somebody, Tell Them” Calendar, 1969

Hill Poem

Too long
we’ve looked
for men to match
our mountains,
another way perhaps
of keeping our eyes
always on the core
and not the apple.

Now that men
of seeming sensibility
have all but pulled down
every worthwhile hill
our priorities should be
               turned around.

Think how it would be,
in California
let alone the world
to find enough new,
or even reconstructed
to match those many men
who level knolls
        and pull down ridges
on unsettled stomachs
               or one whim
by signing just their names
       in triplicate.

-from “The 1976 Rod McKuen/Animal Concern Calendar”

Other People's Music

I stay awake by choice
pretending to a pillow,
my arms wrapped `round it,
that the music coming through the walls
is being sent to me.

Then conversation kills the radio.
The pillow falls
and lullabies give way
to distant laughter
imagined movement
forced memory
and semi-perfect sleep.

-from "Fields of Wonder", 1971

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