5 May 1999












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A Thought for Today

If we want to control anything in our lives, temper might be a good starting place.


On May 5th in 1999 we wished a Happy Cinco de Mayo to all our Mexican friends living everywhere. The Flight Plan noted that in the past year we had lost Alice Faye, one of the movie’s great stars and Prima Donna’s of the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s and a great friend of Stanyan Records and one of our recording artists. We celebrated her first birthday away from us and remembered the warmth and individuality of Tammy Wynette also gone during the year. Here was that days Flight Plan.

Entry III: California

What death cannot dictate and life cannot insure, a single California Sunday works out easily, the winding down of weekday will.

Convertibles fornicate on freeways, play chicken at the off-ramps, or late at night, engage big-wheelers in the light game - trying, I suppose, to milk the last few weekend hours. Beaches are not beaches anymore, they are Time Square crowds on New Year’s Eve, spectators at a stadium or huddled masses yearning to breathe free on one large blanket stretching all the way from Malibu to Zuma.

On Olivera Street, the woman left to dress the saints congregate to gossip and to giggle. Some I know still make the ‘milk run’ from L.A. to points south - Long Beach, El Toro, San Diego, then back again, though San Clemente is a problem - or it could be.

My own Sundays are a new joy now. A friend comes visiting and we do nothing, except perhaps to swim and Polaroid the sunshine and battle in the bedroom all the weekend. How long this time will last is something neither of us care to think about. But for the moment I’m relaxed, amazing all my friends with my magician-like sereneness.

God grant me absolution for the time I waste, but let me waste some several dozen Sundays more.

-From “Come To Me In Silence,” 1973. RM 5/5/99. Includes material previously unpublished.

It's taken some time but finally we're delighted to announce the posting of a selection of photographs from both the Thousand Oaks and Aurora concerts. You can reach them via the link below.

Concert Photographs

notable birthdays Tom Bergeron o Tony Blair o Carmen Cavallaro o Jefferson Davis o Roma Downey o Sigmund Freud o Harry Golden o Stewart Granger o Ross Hunter o Willie Mays o Max Ophuls o Robert Peary o Marguerite Piazza o Kathy Reigstad o Robespierre o Bob Seger o Toots Shor o Rudolph Valentino o Orson Welles o Theodore H. White

And a special Happy 40th Birthday to a Flight Plan Friend,
George Clooney.

Rod's random thoughts As war is but a breath away from peace, so too contentment is the last door entered.

Too much strong medicine weakens the will - guard against prescription drugs.

We’ve forgotten so early in this country’s life that true democracy is still experiment and not yet cure.

If death is difficult or final, it cannot be as hard as living is without a sense of life.


The sky
is the forehead of the morning
passing the sun along the day,
distributing the clouds
that move above us
and ride with us till nightfall.

And your eyes
are the bottom of the day
set on fire by words,
made to move by sighs
and the rustling of the trees.

We’ll go to the hills the,
        take our time.
Climb until we find one
closest to the sky.

I’ll spread a blanket on the ground
and make a picnic of your body.
You’ll face the sky and count the clouds
and when the counting stops
I’ll take you home again,
down a dozen hills under a hundred skies.

I know the ground is not yet green all over
        but trust me.
I’ll find the greenest hill of all
and your red dress will be the single flower
that grows against the grass.

Me and the day
we care for you
without the rivalry of common lovers
and we’ll be careful as the rain,
               gentle as the clouds.

-from “In Someone’s Shadow,” 1968

© 1960, 1968, 1973, 1999 2001 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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