2 June, 1998














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Rod in action at The Riverton Rendezvous, July 2001. 
Photograph courtesy Jay Hagan.

A Thought for Today

All of us who deal in words are only writing advertisements for ourselves.


Rod is on the road for a couple of weeks and will be back with you sometime during August.


I believe increasingly that man is now essentially alone. Irrevocably so. Whether that is good or bad, or can indeed be categorized other than for each case individually, I am not prepared to say. For myself, I am grateful for the transients in my life whether they are Sundays when the phone's not ringing or the odd stranger who happens by and leaves behind more pleasure than my concentration on my own needs quite deserves.

-from "And To Each Season", 1972

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Rod's random thoughts The dreamer and the dancer always know the beat...

A thought is more powerful than the arrow or the cannon's thud; it spreads through centuries.

It is impossible to know a loved woman who is not a beautiful woman.


The anemones wilting on the mantelpiece
The bitter brigade of umbrellas
Marching past the window
Queuing down the corner for the bus
And me without a sleeping pill
       Waiting for what?
The rain to stop?
Inspiration to begin??
London to be kind to me?
I do not think Godot will come tonight.
But all the same I leave the window open.

-from "Lonesome Cities", 1968

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Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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