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July 12, 1998













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Rod in action at The Riverton Rendezvous, July 2001. 
Photograph courtesy Jay Hagan.

A Thought for Today

Love has no hidden highways, as hope hasn't any padlocked doors...


Rod is on the road for a couple of weeks and will be back with you sometime during August.


After awhile the laying on of hands becomes the turning over of our own responsibilities for us into the hands of others. I want out. Or anyway a little time to find out who I am instead of what I'm told I should be.

If freedom is the bold stroke I still know it is, I haven't felt its touch, been branded by its mark, for what must be a small forever inside the greater one. This not a plea or a demand. A statement only of a building, searing fact. I know the only actions that will change what must be changed will have to come from me, out of me - over coffee or the next half-century.

I need time. Whatever time it will take to finish the craft I'm making to take me out of here.

- deleted from "Suspension Bridge",1984. Previously Unpublished

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Rod's random thoughts In making up a bed of love, be sure to leave the cushions loose.

We pause to argue, but seldom to think.

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I wish for you
Sweet Sunday psalms
and carols of an evening
sung out clear and strong,
Coming up from chests
you haven't lain against just yet-
but will. I wish you free
face down in every lap that walked away
without your head pressed hard
against its Venus mound or crotch.
Surprising you mid sentence
caring and carrying you carefully
to his own - your own Eden.

I wish you vintage wine in every
Coca-Cola glass. An end to wishing,
signaling you've found forever
at the end of now.

Could I command your mouth to talk
at my ear only and climb on my mouth
every time, you know I would and more.

I'd wish beyond all reason, because I want
              Beyond all want for you..

I would wish for you the world
If it were good enough for you,
Each morning sky hanging
out there clear as crystal
I'd reel in for you and doing so, make real.

 - from "Come To Me In Silence", 1972

Happy Landings - see you tomorrow
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Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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