9 June 1998













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A Thought for Today

Wisdom is not earned easily.



One day you wake up sure beyond all wondering that deadlines are the food of stress. Other people's stopping places. Other people's deadlines.. Other people's No, you can't. Yes, you must..

If you are of good fortune or among the favored few, somewhere between the last pay check and the head exploding, you come upon sweet solitude in all its joy and finery. It is then you understand at once that here is finally friend and lover you went seeking long ago. If not true friend then compliment to same. And no less a lover than the last your arms go 'round as God administers the final count.

Stress by any handle, tension or tomorrow is the enemy of reason, betrayer of each confidence and harbinger of every trouble laid at the feet of time. Who can sing of solitude enough? Why do we fear the word? Perhaps the answer is the question. Must there always be a why and a why not? Only if within the blood there is no sense of daring-do. Stress will always be the chain that holds us back from solitude, the great adventure.

- from Folio #40 , 1983

"Live at the Lensic" benefit appearance in Santa Fe just announced.

Booking for "An Evening with Rod McKuen" at the Riverton Rendezvous is open! Click below for more details:

Concert & Appearance Details

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Rod's random thoughts If the cat's got your tongue, it's got your attention.

Imagination is the "a la mode" of talent.

Only those inside its funnel fully comprehend the hurricane.


Often I wonder why we go on running
there are so few things pretty left in life to see.

That is until tomorrow when the crocus
jumps up back in California courtyards and
you become my backrest and my English bible.

- from "Caught In the Quiet", 1970

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