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July 1, 1998













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Rod in action at The Riverton Rendezvous, July 2001. 
Photograph courtesy Jay Hagan.

A Thought for Today

The best thing about being a dreamer is that you never have to depend on dreams.


Rod is on the road for a couple of weeks and will be back with you sometime during August.


No man wants the hidden hand of anything to be his pilot. He should set out on some journeys with only maps of his own choosing; no compass but the one he carries in his head. Should he then sail beyond the earth's edge it will be his business only.

At times I try to chronicle my life with the sea. I am not in love with any one ocean - it would be hard for me to decide whether I like the light blue water off the coast of Greece, the deep azure color found along the coast of Mexico or the blue-black water off Fire Island best. Oceans are oceans and they draw me.

- adapted from the introduction to "The Sea Around Me", 1971

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Rod's random thoughts Life is less and less defined without the company of cats.

We have our differences in common.

In every country, the native of the land is the least appreciated.


Some days up ahead
will come down empty
and some years fuller
than the ones
we've known before.

Today has been
the best day yet.
             I thought
you ought to know that,
and I though it time
that I said thank you
for whatever might have
passed between us
that in your mind
you might have felt
escaped my attention.

It didn't
and it doesn't
and it won't.

Thank you
for the everydays
that you make
             into holidays.

- from "Moment To Moment", 1974

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Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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